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    I understand that life is a balancing act. Let me take care of what needs to be done so you have more time to do what matters most to you.

  • The Suburban Concierge

    The Suburban Concierge is a local, independent concierge service based in Ramsey, NJ that was brought to life to help people gain more quality time in their busy lives. I can assist you and your family with all kinds of errands, home projects, shopping, entertaining, research, holiday help, organization, etc.--we all have a seemingly endless To Do List that our schedules cannot accommodate. No matter who you are or what you do, your time matters. Your time is valuable and it is a limited resource.


    In my previous professional life, I was a Human Resources professional and then went on to become a successful Executive Recruiter. I found both of these opportunities rewarding because, more than anything, I thrive on, and excel at, building long lasting relationships with my clients. I strive for them to feel as if I am an extension of themselves, a player on their team. This is how The Suburban Concierge intends to make every client feel.

  • How we can help you...

    The Suburban Concierge offers a variety of packages that are meant to serve as flexible guides that we can tailor to each client’s individual needs.

    Our Monthly Retainer Service

    The Suburban Concierge can assist you both personally and professionally. Which projects and errands do you struggle with most? Don't you wish you had someone "on call" to help manage your endless To Do List? Make a dinner reservation or your doctor appointments? Remind you of birthdays and milestones and help execute gift and party ideas? Help you manage your family's calendar once and for all? Professionally, you are more profitable interfacing with clients than running to the post office or making meeting arrangements. The Suburban Concierge will consult with you to examine your needs and wish list and be at the ready for you.

    Starting at $200/month

    Holiday Gift Wrapping

    Get this task done quickly! You can ship your family’s and loved one’s gifts directly to me or schedule a one time drop off. All gifts will be inspected for accuracy, wrapped and tagged. Your receipts will be organized and everything will be discretely delivered to your home for the holiday! This package includes up to 25 gifts. Holiday wrap not included.


    Add an additional 10 gifts for $79

    Add an extra $25 to have gifts boxed and taken to USPS or UPS for shipping


    Stress Free Holiday Cards

    Do you stress designing the “perfect” holiday card each year? Do you scramble to get it done only to be dissatisfied with the result? The Suburban Concierge will work with you and your budget to design and word your card and stuff the envelopes so you can get them mailed—On Time!


    Postage and return/address labels are extra.

    Coming Home

    Make your vacation or work travel "re-entry" more enjoyable. During your absence, your refrigerator will be cleared of all expired items and neatly re-stocked with your “Wish List” items--a prepared dinner, items for the kids lunches, healthy snacks after an overindulgent vacation, etc..

    $89 plus grocery costs

    $30 additional for multiple shopping locations

    Suggested Add-ons--Assistance with pet care arrangements, arrange/supervise cleaning service in your absence, pick up dry cleaning.


    Closets, Closets, Closets

     Rid yourself of emotional items and those you simply don’t wear. Examine “wardrobe holes” that you need to fill in and make a targeted shopping list.  All items that leave your closet will be bagged and delivered for donation.


    Suggested Ad-ons--Order replacement/needed items online, execute returns as needed.


    Celebrate With Ease

    Who wants to rush home from a ceremony or celebration to set up? I can be at your home ahead of your guests arrival to get the food warmed, pick up and deliver the cake, arrange your tables, fill the ice bucket, etc..

    Celebrating outside your home? I am happy to deliver the cake, your favors, lay out flower arrangements, pick up balloons, etc. and have your space party ready when you arrive.

    Don't miss or rush through this precious time with your loved ones. Enjoy these special moments and leave the finishing touches to me.



    Make your special evening look effortless! Working within your budget, we will plan your menu with you, design and execute place settings and tablescaping, set up and stock the bar, manage seating and party flow and arrange staffing if needed.

    $250 plus purchases and staffing, under 25 guests

    Monthly Menu Planning

    Take the stress out of planning and cooking your weekly meals. We will meet and discuss all that goes into planning those hectic weeknight dinners and you will walk away with a clear monthly menu and a shopping list for each week.


    Suggested Add-on--Order, pick-up, delivery and putting away of items for an additional $75/week plus grocery costs

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  • Featured in the Press

    Exciting moments to share...

    The Daily Voice

    No Time For Errands? Let Ramsey's Suburban Concierge Service Handle It

    February 2017

    RAMSEY, N.J. -- If you ever wanted to clone yourself to get more done, a woman in Ramsey is the next best thing.

    Brooke Hopkins Tateossian started The Suburban Concierge to help people run errands, wrap presents, purge closets and more.

    "It's easier to explain what I don't do than what I do," the mother of three said of the home-based business she started six months ago.

    "I will not drive and I will not clean."

    "I tell my clients they can do anything but not everything."

    She always tells her clients that everyone needs help and no one should feel bad about asking for it.

    "I tell my clients they can do anything but not everything."

    People today juggle multiple community roles in addition to a job, spouse and children and they don't want to give anything up, she said.

    "I love making their everything happen for them."

    She has clients on monthly retainers that have their Amazon presents shipped directly to her home.

    "I wrap the gifts, buy cards and drop them off," she said.

    She also tries to anticipate her clients' needs.

    "I'm a good listener."

    She works on a monthly retainer or by the job and also offers packages on her website.

    "I try to be flexible. Clients are surprised by what I'll do."

    It was a desire for flexibility that drove Tateossian to start her own business.

    With three children 8-14, she was ready to leave her recruitment career and wanted more control over her daily life.

    Her in-laws were the inspiration behind starting a business offering concierge services.

    "They drop off dinner twice a week, babysit. People were always jealous. It made me realize how much easier my life is because of them," she said.

    Her clients are busy moms and executives. Lately, people have said they're planning to buy her services as a gift for people who are elderly or sick.

    "I love it and I get excited about it every morning when I get up. This is the best thing that’s happened to me career-wise in a long time," she said.

    To learn more about The Suburban Concierge, see its website , call 201-410-4183 or email brooke@thescnj.com.

    Downtown Ramsey

    Small Business Edition, December 2016

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